Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Addai Rules NFL Scouting Combine

Addai Rules NFL Scouting Combine

Saturday was his day. After 6 long weeks training he was ready to show the NFL who’s who what he could do. And that he did…

ESPN Reported this morning the following headline "Addai and Winston increase draft status at NFL Combine".

LSU running back Joseph Addai made a statement yesterday on the new Field Turf in the RCA Dome. Many questioned how fast the surface would be, that was no obstacle for Joseph Addai. After all he had something to prove. His first 40 was a cautious 4.41 sec. 40 yard dash. He executed a great start and accelerated through the finish. But there was more…
On his second 40 he threw down, blistering a 4.37 40 yard which was later recognized as the fastest running back time at the combine. The six weeks he trained with me was worth it. He also had a first place scores for running backs with a vertical jump of 38.5 inches and a huge broad jump of 10’5".

How did he do it?

After the testing I had a chance to meet up with him talk. He said that the all the techniques I taught him made the difference. He said he was so confident that if he worked the technique and combined with his athletic ability, he would perform the best.
You see with the technique instruction in my Pro Combine Preparation Manual
(http://www.procombinetraining.com/h/m2/default.asp?lang=&nCategory=216) you can have a eye popping performance like Joseph had. Plain and simple.
It will give you the tips that Joseph used to set himself apart at the NFL Combine.

Mike Gough
NFL Combine Training Expert

PS. If you want an inside look at the secrets of Combine training techniques I used with my clients here at the NFL Combine check out my 'Secrets of Combine Training' (http://www.procombinetraining.com/h/m2/default.asp?lang=&nCategory=426)

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