Tuesday, February 22, 2005

40 yard dash mistakes

This year we have many top prospects in training for the NFL Combine and respective NFL Pro Timing Days.

Heading the list is Scott Young, a offensive guard from BYU. Scott is an interesting specimen who could potentially break the NFL Combine record on the bench press test. He has repped the 225 lbs. 53 reps in training. Not only is he strong, Scott offers a blend of speed, agility, and explosive power that will make him the talk of the combine.


I have seen countless athletes perform the 40 yard dash, and
have broken down endless hours of video analysis of the most
important test in football. What are the most common technical
flaws majority of athletes have?

1. Counter movement with the arms off the start.
2. Failing
to implement the proper breathing technique.
3. Raising the
head straight up off the start.
4. Achieving proper length on
the first step.
5. Allowing the body to achieve full

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