Saturday, October 16, 2004


It's the middle of the season. Yes you should be focused on finishing the season off and maximizing your on-field performance, but you should also be taking steps to getting things prepred for right after the last college game. Here is a list of 5 things that you can be doing now to help you prepare you and your body for the NFL.

1. Stretching - I know that the majority of athletes hate to stretch. They think that it's a waste of time or can't find time out of their busy schedule to do so. Stretching is a key component to Combine training and preparation. It's so important that here at PCT we have teamed up with renowned stretching specialist Dr. Taras Kochno, who is the personal streching specialist to the likes of Issac Bruce, Donte Stallworth, and Aeneas Williams. By starting to seriously stretch daily not only will your on-field performance improve for the remainder of the season, you will have started breaking down a big limiting factor for speed and power development, something we need to enhance to perform well at the NFL Combine.

2. Anaerobic Conditioning - The harder you can push yourself during in-season conditioning workouts the better your recovery will be when you arrive to train. Often athletes arrive here at PCT deconditioned after a long season, we spend the first week enhancing their anaerobic conditioning and enhancing recovery. Once the athlete is highly conditioned, the athlete can make the most out of speed and agility sessions because the athlete will be fully recovered from each exercise and drill.

3. Nutrition & Hydration - Believe it or not, what you eat now will play a role in what you will have to overcome in January. Excess body fat limits speed improvement. A lean healthy nutritional plan now will maximize performance come the NFL Combine. Water is the drink of choice, hydrated muscles will recover fast and perform to their potential.

4. Train the Core - Core Strength is the key to speed and power. Start targeting core strength and stability now. The abdominals, low back, obliques, and glutes are the target muscles groups. Training them now will only enhance training in January!

5. Rehab and Prehab - If you are injured now get the proper treatment to ensure that you will be ready come January. You can prevent injury by following the above guidelines which will help you recover and maximize performance.

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